A tiny JavaScript library that help use localStorage and sessionStorage (HTML5 API)

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A tiny JavaScript library that help use localStorage and sessionStorage (HTML5 API)


Download storage.min.js (~1.271 kb) and include it in your HTML document:

<script src="storage.min.js"></script>

If you include storage.js as above, this script will add an object called storage to your global scope.

storage.js also supports AMD. So if you want to include storage.js dynamically, you can just require it with any AMD loader, for example RequireJS. Follow the instructions of your AMD loader to include storage.js.

After that you can call any of methods that are explained in the following.

Choose between local or session

storage.type = localStorage; // or sessionStorage


if (storage.enabled()) {
  // Do stuff with local/session storage
} else {
  // Fallback

storage.set(name, value)

storage.set(name, value);

You can also set several values at once:

   key1: 'value1',
   key2: 'value2'



Passing just one key like this will return a string. You can also pass an array of keys:

storage.get(['key1', 'key2']);

This will always return an object. The keys of this object will be the keys you passed and the values are the corresponding values.

In case you want to add a default value you can use the second parameter.

storage.get('key', 'default value');

This also works with several keys:

storage.get(['key1', 'key2'], 'default value');


This method allows you to remove datas. It accepts an infinite number of keys or an array of keys.

storage.del('key1', 'key2');
storage.del(['key1', 'key2']);


Simply call storage.clear() and every datas will be removed.


var datas = storage.all();


/!\ TODO - Event catch


The methods set, del, clear and change return the storage object and therefore enable chaining.

storage.clear().change(function(){ alert('Storage change!') }).set('key', 'value').get('key');


If you find any bugs in this script or have ideas how to improve it please let me know by creating an issue.

You are also very welcome to contribute to the code here on github.